Postdate  11/14/2017

Executive Director - Part Time 



JOB SUMMARY                                                                                

The North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents (NAAWS) is seeking a part-time Executive Director (ED).

The NAAWS Executive Director serves at the pleasure of the Association President and the Board of Directors. Upon hiring of the ED, the President will prepare a Letter of Agreement that will outline the specific duties of the position that may be beyond the duties described herein. Candidates must be NAAWS members in good standing at the time of employment and must retain such status throughout the course of employment.

The ED may not act outside the NAAWS Constitution and By-Laws. The ED serves as the Editor of the Grapevine, which is the Association periodic publication. The ED, under the direction of the President, arranges and coordinates the details of the Warden of the Year Banquet during the ACA Congress of Corrections, and the NAAWS Hospitality Suites at the two ACA Conferences annually. The ED coordinates the awards selection process for the Medal of Valor and Warden of the Year. The ED coordinates details of the NAAWS Conferences as directed by the President, which could consist of identifying conference sites for consideration, arranging speakers and other program components for the conferences, arranging entertainment and activities for the conference, recruiting vendors and financial support for the conferences, and other tasks as assigned by the President. Most notably, this position is tasked with ensuring that the NAAWS Conferences are supported by the agencies local to the selected site, such as the state departments of correction, county and municipal corrections agencies, locally-based private or federal corrections facilities or agencies, etc., to ensure adequate attendance at the conferences. The ED is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with vendors and supporters of the Association, and is responsible to identify and secure legal and ethical funding sources to support the Association and its work. The ED is responsible for the recruitment and retention of Association membership. This position manages the day-to-day business and the staff of the Association, in coordination with the will of the President. The ED is required to attend all NAAWS Conferences, all ACA Conferences, the annual Warden of the Year Banquet, the NAAWS Annual Business Meeting, and other functions as directed by the President.

This position will work as many hours/days as required to perform the duties, but in no case will the ED be considered a full-time employee of the Association. It is incumbent on the ED to notify the President if the part-time status is being threatened by the workload or work hours.

The annual salary is $15,600.00. Expenses incurred for Association business are paid, but must be approved in advance by the President. Interested parties, please send resumes to and prior to January 15, 2018.