In Milwaukee County, we are taking an all-hands approach to realizing our vision that by achieving racial equity, Milwaukee is the healthiest county in Wisconsin. Together we will dismantle institutional racism in our organization and build up policies, practices and a culture that ensures race no longer predicts health outcomes, and outcomes for everyone improve.

Racial equity is not a project at Milwaukee County—it is the way forward. For more information, see: https://county.milwaukee.gov/EN/Vision


The Milwaukee County House of Correction is a medium-security facility that provides a safe and secure correctional operation that consists of programming to rehabilitate and re-introduce our citizens back into the community.

The functions of the HOC are defined in Chapters 302, 303, 304 and 973 of the Wisconsin Statutes. The HOC receives and maintains custody of all sentenced inmates in Milwaukee County and other jurisdictions as authorized by County ordinance, for periods not to exceed one year per conviction. HOC then releases inmates upon expiration of sentence, upon orders of the courts or other recognized authorities. Statutes allow HOC to receive and maintain custody of pretrial inmates (meaning those awaiting adjudication) at the request of the Milwaukee County Sheriff.

The HOC program areas includes:

  • Inmate housing units
  • Training department
  • The dog handler (K9) unit
  • The power plant
  • Inmate programming
  • Electronic monitoring and Huber program


Inmate Medical and Mental Health consists of the medical units and psychiatric services. These services are provided through a 3rd party contract. This agreement is managed by the HOC and serves both the County Jail and the HOC. 

Current programming is provided largely through the Day Reporting Center and through service within the HOC facility (laundry, kitchen/bakery, graphics shop, etc…)


Reporting to the Milwaukee County Executive and Chief of Staff, the Superintendent of the HOC will be a nimble and committed leader who partners with, helps to inspire, and serves as the face of the organization to staff, individuals in our care, and partners. The Superintendent, as the executive office of the Department, will provide strategic direction and accountability, financial and budgeting expertise, and external and internal collaboration. The Superintendent will invest in and retain a diverse and inclusive team and will have the opportunity to build upon a positive culture in a challenging environment.

In addition, to continuing to ensure a safe and secure operation, the Superintendent will build an evidence-based programming infrastructure that aims to reduce recidivism in line with the County’s vision.  Knowledge of the impact of trauma, structural racism on those who have been affected and restorative justice practices are essential.

In addition to leading the Department, the Superintendent is a member of the County Executive’s leadership team and will be an integral part of countywide strategy to achieve the County’s vision of becoming the healthiest county by achieving racial equity. This will involve a strategy of people-focused design where current services are rethought through the lens of those who depend on it, with a goal of meeting needs.


We seek a proven, accomplished leader with a passion for the mission and who is driven to make a significant difference in the world and his/her community. This values-based individual will bring leadership characterized by unwavering integrity, an ability to garner broad community support, and the ability to lead and execute strategic plans that impact human care and public policy in a political environment.


We seek a candidate known for ability to break down silos and focus on people-centered design and services. Candidate must understand racial equity and social determinants of health framework as well as an understanding of emotional health and well-being and restorative justice practices.


The successful candidate will build bridges of support for the organization and will support strong internal leaders in carrying forward major new projects and programs. Candidates must demonstrate experience in organizational management and the ability to build and nurture a culture that is grounded in a shared vision, vibrant in teamwork, supported by mutual respect and unrelenting in its pursuit of quality. Given the unique and diverse revenue streams of the department, the ideal candidate will demonstrate a proven track record of successfully managing large, complex budgets and agreements. The successful candidate will have demonstrated skills in operations and business management and will have been a catalyst in fulfilling an agency’s vision. Experience making strategic decisions in program design, development, and management in pursuit of broad goals is expected. High integrity, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and sound judgment are essential to success in this role. We seek a person whose strength of character is well demonstrated; who is composed and unflappable; and who is open and accessible to a highly professional senior leadership team.


Additionally, the candidate will be able to, in the most optimum and transparent way, establish strong working relationships with the Board of Supervisors. Comfort with actively cultivating relationships at the top levels of legislative and administrative leadership is a must. We seek a leader who communicates the agency's mission with enthusiasm. The ability to relate to a wide variety of constituents is essential. The ability to conceptualize, develop, and nurture partnership and collaboration with other organizations is critical. The successful candidate shall demonstrate the ability to articulate a compelling vision and to keep people focused during challenging times.


The candidate we seek will possess the highest level of oral, written and interpersonal communication skills to effectively work with a broad range of individuals and organizations including Board members, professional colleagues, public officials and community partners, as well as the media.


Specific experience in safe practices of confinement is preferred. At minimum, an affinity for working with high-risk environments and creating partnerships with human service and community justice agencies is required. A proven ability to hire, coach, lead and inspire employees as an effective team is a must. The candidate must be experienced and comfortable working within a diverse work environment.

Please apply online on or before June 27  https://bit.ly/2MvxrJl