Certification Commission

The ACA Certification Commission is responsible for the creation and revision of the Certification Exams.  The committee consists of experienced members of the corrections community with varying backgrounds, including adult corrections and detention, juvenile corrections, health care, military and training.  The Commission meets several times a year to discuss the exam, make updates, collaborate on new exams and address questions posed by the field.

Certification Commissioners

Robert Lampert, MBA, JD, CCE, Director, Wyoming Department of Corrections


Committee Members

PositionFull Name
ChairRobert Lampert, CCE
MemberRaul S. Banasco, CPM, CJM, CCE, MPA
MemberArthur F. Beeler, Jr.
MemberDoug Dretke
MemberStacye Falgout, RN
MemberChristopher N. Glover
MemberJonathan O. Godwin, CCE
MemberAllen L. Peaton, CCE