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Security/Inmate Management Legal Issues Mental Health Juvenile Corrections Supervision/Management

Security/Inmate Management

 Security and Offender Management Course Package

Duties of Correctional Officers Security Rounds Program Involvement
and Work Details
Managing Keys and Tools Reducing The Risk of Escapes Escorts and Transports
Communicating Nonverbally with Inmates Verbally Communicating with Inmates Contraband and Searches Conducting Counts Responding to Inmate Rule Violations Using Force with Inmates

Legal Issues

Legal Issues in Corrections Course Package

Inmate Lawsuits Challenging
Conditions of Confinement
Inmate Lawsuits Challenging
Access to the Legal System
Inmate Rights to Medical
and Mental Health Care
Inmate Lawsuits
Challenging Religion,
Communication and Searches
Inmate Use Of Force
Lawsuits Due Process Rights
Our Legal System
Understanding Inmate Lawsuits Our Criminal Justice System Our Civil Justice Process

Mental Health

 Mental Health Course Package
Managing Inmates with Mental Illness Understanding Mental
Illness and Treatment in the Correctional Setting
Understanding and Preventing Suicides in Corrections Managing Depressed and Suicidal Inmates

Juvenile Corrections

Juvenile Corrections Course Package

Duties of Juvenile Careworkers Understanding Mental Illness and Treatment in Juvenile Corrections Managing Juvenile Offenders with Mental Illness Preventing Suicides in Juvenile Corrections Managing Drepressed and Suicidal Juvenile Offenders Security in Juvenile Corrections: 1 & 2


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Managing Conflict Motivating Correctional Staff Teamwork