July/August 2020



Mexico: on the road to achieving a better system
By Floyd Nelson with assistance from Accreditation Specialist Eli Mendoza

May/June 2020

The Psychology of COVID-19
By Dean Aufderheide, Ph.D. and Elizabeth Gondles, Ph.D.



March/ April 2020



Facility-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports
By Kristine Jolivette, Ph.D., Nicole C. Swoszowski, Ph.D., Sara Sanders, Ed.D., Robin Parks Ennis, Ph.D. and Jeffrey R. Sprague, Ph.D.

September/ October 2019

July/August 2019

Your Membership Matters!
By Natahnya McKinney, Helena Windsor and Crystal Adair

The 28th Annual NCOEW Wreath Laying Ceremony, 2019
By Alexander Carrigan and Molly Law. Photos courtesy Ellis Williams

Top Teacher!
By Alexander Carrigan

May/June 2019

Deciphering inmate communication
By John M. Vanyur, Ph.D. and Moamed Hussein

Transforming lives through service dogs
By Robert Breckenridge II



March/April 2019

From Jim’s Desk:
The importance and effect of government on our lives
By James A. Gondles Jr., CAE ACA Executive Director

Presidential Overview
By Lannette Linthicum, M.D., FACP ACA Immediate Past President


ACA Certification and Military Corrections
An interview with members of the Navy Consolidated Brig in Chesapeake, Virginia
By Alexander carrigan and Arnela Hadzisulejmanovic

January/February 2019


National Law Enforcement Museum
An exhibit features a ‘powerful backdrop’ for corrections
BY Floyd Nelson

November/December 2018

Finding the Tools for Wellness:
A conversation with Colette S. Peters
By Floyd Nelson

Defying the Odds
Staying drug free: A youth-based program building positive, productive citizens
By Crystal Brown-Voeltz


Health & Wellness Expo and Proclamation
ACA supports health and wellness in every way
By Molly Law

September/October 2018

A New Way of Life
How one woman broke the cycle of recidivism and is helping others break it too
By Alex Carrigan

Keeping an Eye Out
"Green" improvement possibilities for correctional facilities
By Robert Breckenridge II

The Importance of Voting
By J. David Donahue

Gender differences in confinement:
PREA preparedness
By Randy Shively and Ramona Swayne