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2016 Winter Conference
New Orleans, LA
January 22-27, 2016


144th Congress of Correction
Salt Lake City, UT
 August 15-20, 2014


2013 Winter Conference
Houston, TX 
 January 25-30, 2013


145th Congress of Correction
Indianapolis, IN
 August 14-19, 2015


2014 Winter Conference
Tampa, FL 
 January 31- February 5,2014


2015 Winter Conference
Long Beach, CA
 February 6-11, 2015


143rd Congress of Correction
National Harbor, MD 
 August 9-14, 2013

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Silent Killer - Hepatitis Awareness for Offenders


Hidden Killer - Hepatitis Awareness for Staff


Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)


Advancing the Cure Hepatitis C


Health Care Luncheon

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