Walter Dunbar Accreditation Achievement Award

The Dunbar award was established in honor of Walter Dunbar, a man who was vital in starting the accreditation process.  The Dunbar Award is the highest honor bestowed by the Commission on Accreditation for Corrections, and is presented annually to a person whose contributions have been superior in support of the accreditation process.  To nominate an individual, a letter of recommendation must be written outlining the attributes of the auditor.   Nominations for this award come from the field and are due to the Director of Standards and Accreditation, David Haasenritter, at by June 1st of each year. 

Recipients Listed by Year:

2015:  Gary Mohr, Ohio
2013:  Jeff Rogers, Kentucky
2012:  Mark Inch, US Army
2011:  Robert Kennedy, New York
2010:  Rod Miller. Pennsylvania
2009:  Lannette Linthicum, Texas
2008:  Sheriff Robert Garvey, Massachusetts
2007:  Lannette Linthicum, Texas
2006:  Bonnie Sweeney, Ohio
2005:  Lt. Col. David K. Haasenritter 
2004:  Reginald A Wilkinson, Ohio
2003:  Geno Natalucci-Persichetti
2002:  No Information Available
2001:  Kathleen Hawk Sawyer, 
2000:  M.  Wayne Huggins
1999:  Lynn S. Branham
1998:  Geno Natalucci-Persichetti
1997:  R. Daniel McGehee
1996:  Kenneth L. McGinnis
1995:  Philip Coombe Jr.
1994:  Robert L.  Brutsche’
1993:  Samuel Sublett Jr.
1992:  James R. Irving
1991:  Anthony P.  Travisono
1990:  SU Cunningham
1989:  Charles J Kehoe
1988:  Harry A Manley
1987:  Michael P Lane
1986:  Louie L Wainwright
1985:  C Winston Tanskley
1984:  Martha E. Wheeler