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Re-Certification Practices and   Procedures
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Page Title: Professional Certification Program

Corrections Certification Program

Certification Overview
  • What is Certification?
  • What types and levels of Certification are available?
    • Adult Correctional Staff
    • Juvenile Justice Staff
    • Correctional Nurses and Nurse Managers
    • Strategic Threat Group (STG) Supervisors and Managers
    • Provisional Certification is offered for newly-hired staff and graduating students
  • What advantages does Certification offer?
  • How would becoming a Certified Corrections Professional (CCP) better my staff, my institution, and/or my agency?

Click Here to Learn More about ACA Professional Certification

Application Requirements
  • What levels of education or experience are required for someone seeking certification?
  • Once certified, what steps are necessary to maintain Certification?
  • What are the requirements for individuals who have retired from a full-time correctional career but maintain work in the field (ex. instructors, consultants, etc)?
  • How do I apply?

Click Here to Learn More about the Application Requirements for ACA Professional Certification

Certification Acceptance and Examination
  • What is the process for acceptance and examination?
  • When and where are CCP examinations offered?
  • Does ACA offer any resources or assistance?
  • What is the cost of certification?
  • What is ACA’s Code of Ethics?
  • Can certification be revoked?

Click Here to Learn More about Acceptance and Examination for ACA Professional Certification

Re-Certification Practices and Procedures
  • In order to maintain certification, what events/classes/exercises count for Re-Certification Credits?
  • How many Re-Certification Credits are necessary?
  • Does ACA offer any resources or assistance for Re-Certification?
  • What is the cost of Re-Certification?

Click here to Learn More about Re-Certification Practices and Procedures for ACA Professional Certification

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If you have questions after reviewing the website, please contact Kristen Furdyna, Certification Manager, at or by Phone at: 703-224-0175.

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