Certified Corrections Professionals (CCPs) are required to continue their education and training and renew their certification after three years. At the end of this period, CCPs submit:

  • A recertification application
  • A summary sheet identifying their recertification credits
  • Documentation for their recertification credits
  • The appropriate recertification fee
  • Applicant and supervisor recertification declarations

The Recertification Handbook contains the recertification application, identifies the number of credits required per level, and explains ways to receive recertification credits.

Recertification applications are processed within four to six weeks upon receipt. If you are approved for recertification, you will receive a letter confirming your recertification, a sample press release, a new certificate, and a supervisor notification form. If a problem arises with your application, the Certification Specialist will contact you.

 Earn recertification credits with ACA E-learning.

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