Conventions, Advertising, and Corporate Relations Department

ACA's annual Congress of Correction and Winter Conference are the two of the most attended corrections events in the industry. ACA's conventions provide attendees and exhibitors with an opportunity to personally interact with thousands of corrections professionals. At each conference, there are hundreds of workshops, meetings and events, that allow attendees to educate themselves and network. Attendees can work towards professional certification and will learn information that will help them in their daily work. During each conference, the Commission on Accreditation holds panel hearings and awards accreditation to various correctional facilities. The conference also features an expansive exhibit hall where attendees can interact with hundreds of companies in the correctional industry. No other conferences in the world offer the variety of opportunities for people in the corrections profession to learn, grow and network with their peers.

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Meet the Director of Conventions, Advertising and Corporate Relations


Kelli McAfee is the Director of Conventions, Advertising and Corporate Relations  at the American Correctional Association.  Before joining the American Correctional Association Kelli worked for EF Education in Cambridge, MA. She is a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, MA.
Contact Kelli at 703.224.0011