Our Committees

If you are interested in serving on a committee, please send an email to the ACA Executive Office at ExecOffice@aca.org

Standing Committees

Certification Commission
Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Correctional Awards Committee
Credentials Committee
Dual Membership Chapters
Equal Rights Committee
Ethics Committee
Health Care Committee
International Corrections Committee
Legal Issues
Legislative Committee
Membership Committee
Military Corrections Committee
Past President Council
Performance-Based Standards Committee
Research Council
Resolutions and Policies Committee
Sustainability-Oriented & Environmentally Responsible Practi

Ad Hoc Committees

Adult Corrections Committee
Adult Local Detention Committee
Behavioral Health Committee
Community Corrections
Correctional Industries Committee
Correctional Nurses Committee
Dental Committee
Facility Planning and Design Committee
Juvenile Committee
Probation & Parole Committee
Professional Development Committee
Religion & Faith Based Services
Response to Disruptive Behavior
Restorative Justice/Victims Committee
Substance Use Disorders Committee
Women Working in Corrections Committee