Commitment to Care

American Correctional Association is committed to its mission of improving practices in correctional systems by helping agencies provide correctional populations with safe and effective health service delivery. ACA is the leader in setting international and national standards for the quality of life and safety of correctional systems.


The Office of Correctional Health Care serves ACA members, jurisdictions and its affiliates by supporting health services programs for the effective delivery of health to offender populations. We offer comprehensive services, support, and resources to help correctional facilities provide security and quality care for the offender population.

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Meet the Office of Correctional Health Care

Dr. Elizabeth Gondles has served the last eight Presidents of the American Correctional Association (ACA) as the Advisor to the President and oversees ACA’s Office of Correctional Healthcare. She currently serves in that position for President, Gary Mohr. She has a Ph.D in Criminal Justice, Health Sciences, Epidemiology.