The “Release Planning Approaches” resource was produced by the 2017-2019 Coalition of Correctional Health Authorities’ Programs Working Group, chaired by Kayla Tinker, RN.  These approaches provide a variety of options that existing jurisdictions utilized at the time this resource was produced.  The intent of these examples is to provide options for agencies to consider when an individual is preparing for reentry into the community.

We encourage you to reach out to your correctional administration and see what resources you currently have available. Contact ACA’s Office of Correctional Health at to share yours with the field and help advance reentry!

Discharge Planning Components of Reentry

Interagency Agreements Educational Materials
Alaska DOC Interagency Agreements Alaska DOC Educational Materials
Minnesota DOC Interagency Agreements Minnesota DOC Adult Pre-Release Handbook
Minnesota DOC Educational Materials for Inmates

Community Resources Policy
Alaska DOC Community Resources
Alaska DOC Policy

Position Descriptions

Release Planning
Alaska DOC Position Descriptions Alaska DOC Release Planning
Minnesota DOC Position Descriptions Minnesota DOC Release Planning