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Please keep checking our website for updates on COVID-19. Thank you. Click here for available resources.



  Covering the coronavirus, we are working closely with correctional agencies on accreditation audit schedules, planned training and other activities. We will not place ACA members, auditors, staff and the corrections community in jeopardy. Should agencies wish to extend audits, ACA will work with them to ensure timely and safe scheduling. Likewise, we will do the same on upcoming training and conference events.

   Our Office of Correctional Health (OCH) conducted a webinar yesterday on the coronavirus and corrections with over 2,300 sign-ups and listeners. It’s posted on the ACA homepage. We intend to stay on point with this subject, and as issues change, we may be presenting additional webinars.

   Our best wishes go to everyone in the corrections profession as we work through this difficult health challenge. Protecting our staffs, our residents in our facilities, and our communities are paramount as we face this issue. Our profession will be an excellent example, once again, on exceeding expectations and in keeping everyone safe.

    Rest assured that the ACA headquarters staff will remain vigilant in up-to-date information on the coronavirus and its effect on travel and on congregation of large groups.

    Please continue to check our website at for updated information.


James A. Gondles, Jr., CAE
Executive Director