Worldwide Outreach

ACA hosts international visitors from all over the world. Typically, the delegations are interested in learning more about the corrections system in the US and the important role ACA plays in the development of policies and standards. We welcome visitors from other nations in order to exchange ideas and learn from one another. We offer exemplary training, technical assistance, consulting and security audits. We can assist you with experts in both adult and juvenile corrections.

Visitors to ACA have included delegations representing judges, prosecutors, probation officers, parole officers, wardens, remand center employees, human rights experts and other criminal justice personnel. Some of our visitors attend our two conferences each year, as well as visiting our headquarters office.

Visiting ACA is sometimes coordinated through international programs; through other countries' corrections offices, through other governmental agencies; and even through international private visits. ACA welcomes the exchange of ideas, programs and operations in order to improve correctional systems worldwide. 

Peru Delegation visit to ACA office to learn more about exemplary practice and ACA training.

A Japan visit to the ACA office to learn more on U.S. Prison System and rehabilitation efforts specifically on medical and mental health. 

A Mexico visit to discuss the creation of Mexico Chapter of ACA and additional accreditation of prisons.