The Three-Step Certification Process

Becoming a Certified Corrections Professional involves three steps; we will review each step.

  • Step 1: Apply
  • Step 2: Study
  • Step 3: Take the Exam

Step 1: Apply

Complete and submit the following forms, along with your payment.
  • Your application
  • Your Payment (along with your payment information)

Send your completed forms and payment to:

Mail: American Correctional Association
206 North Washington St., Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314

Download the Corrections Certification Program Handbook and the important program documents.

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Step 2: Study

Once your application is approved, you may begin studying for the exam. Purchasing study material is optional. However, the exam is based on both the material and your knowledge and experience. If you would like to purchase study materials, please highlight the ACA Marketplace at the top right section of our website and then click on Certification Packet.

Step 3: Take the Exam

The final step is to take the exam. ACA offers testing at its two annual conferences (locations vary) and agencies certifying their staff, upon approval of the hosting agencies. Testing sites and dates listed below; the chart is updated monthly. If you cannot travel to a testing site, ACA will work with you to identify a proctor in your area.

Only those individuals who have formally applied for and have been accepted into the program may take the exam. You must bring three items with you to the testing site:

  1. Government-issued photo identification card
  2. Examination number issued by the Certification Specialist
  3. Pencil(s)

Download the Certification Study Guide


Days, Dates, Times Location Exam Site








Contact Cindy Gomez, Certification Specialist, at or 703.224.0170.

For health care certifications, contact Mike Miskell, Senior Correctional Health Care Specialist, or 703.224.0048.