COVID-19 Therapeutics Education Training


The American Correctional Association is offering a comprehensive education training program on COVID-19 Therapeutics for corrections professionals and the population we serve. The program will also address preventative intervention strategies with an emphasis on continuity of care for improved public health and to promote public safety. The program will offer an education of COVID-19, its emerging therapies, and how it applies to the correctional population. Continuing Medical Credits (CMEs) for prescribers and Continuing Education (CEs) for nurses will be offered to the program participants at no cost. Training will be conducted virtually over the course of 7.25-hour days, utilizing experts from the field to provide education for classes with up to 25 participants.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To provide educational training for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacist, and nurses on COVID-19 and how to manage it with the justice-involved and community populations
  2. To raise awareness about justice-involved susceptibility to and the benefits of medication for individuals with worsening symptoms of COVID-19
  3. To improve access to pharmacotherapy treatment for justice-involved populations for COVID-19


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COVID-19 Therapeutics Education Training