International Internship Program

Saudi Arabia Interns
ACA hosts international interns seeking to expand their knowledge of the correctional system in the U.S. An intern assigned to ACA will have a custom designed program that will meet the needs of the intern and the home agency. The intern will learn the process of developing national-level standards; participate in scheduling audits; review written reports; look for sensitive correctional issues; assist in preparing accreditation contracts; assist in selecting audit teams based on the needs of the audit type; and assist in conducting auditor training. The intern will be expected to work on a project that will be beneficial to their home agency. The application process includes a letter beneficial to their home agency. The application process includes a letter of recommendation from their home agency, a resume, a job description from the current position and an interview with ACA leadership. The internship is not a paid position by ACA. The intern is responsible for acquiring all pertinent travel documents/visas and all individual expenses.


South Korea Intern
                                             ACA interns can work within an individual discipline in corrections, such as health care. ACA will work with other countries to give individual requests for a special subject or an overview program. We can assist the intern in seeing corrections operations first-hand by visiting and observing on-site, such as a local jail. An ACA international internship is developed to enhance the individual's knowledge of operations within the United States. We welcome inquires. 

Sweden Intern