International Standards & Accreditation

In 2011, the American Correctional Associations International Correctional Core Standards (ICCS) were created and include detailed standards relating to all aspects of adult correctional operations. The ICCS was first implemented in Mexico in 2012 and since that time have served as the basis for international accreditation, training and education conducted by ACA. In 2013, the ICCS was revised by ACA to improve clarity and functionality and to assist agencies in integrating these standards into their everyday operation. The ICCS is constantly reviewed to incorporate modern correctional practices that are useful to prisons and remand centers.


Over a dozen correctional facilities across Mexico are accredited by ACA, including both federal and state facilities. Other countries have begun the process of accreditation under ICCS which maintain exemplary, modern-day correctional practices.



ACA's training and preparation for accreditation assists agencies from beginning to accreditation. We can customize our standards to fit national customs and operations that are sensitive to cultural and gender issues.

ACA recommends on-site standards experts to assist in policy and procedure preparation for accreditation. Our training in standards includes the steps toward accreditation and is best understood and achieved by on-site ACA expert trainers.

The International Correctional Core Standards for Adult and Juvenile Institutions are now available. For more information about ICCS, please contact Jeff Washington, deputy executive director at [email protected].