International Training

ACA is a worldwide expert in training and education in the corrections profession. With experienced trainers, online programming and professional certification, ACA leads the way in staff development. With ACA’s abundant resources, the Training, Certification and Publications Department is uniquely suited to solve any staff development challenge. ACA offers a full range of educational and training opportunities for adult and juvenile correctional staff.


We provide individuals working in corrections the opportunity to set themselves apart from their peers by becoming proficient within their discipline. We offer the largest available onsite/online library of courses for professionals who work in corrections, which spans the entire spectrum in corrections. Examples of international training's include:

  • Understanding correctional standards;
  • Accreditation overview;
  • Mock audits in corrections facilities;
  • Correctional policies and procedures;
  • Security audits;
  • Cell and facility searches;
  • How to become accredited in International Core Standards;
  • Health care in corrections; and
  • Human rights and humane treatment.

ACA can customize its training to be responsive for cultural issues, issues of gender and other specific reasons. ACA can train here or in your nation. ACA's online training is varied and extensive. Our online courses offer much of the subjects listed above. We can also assist you in becoming individually certified within your job function.